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fabulous friday: always sprinkle pepper

As a kid, I would read and re-read my copies of Shel Silverstein’s poetry books. A favorite was, “Always Sprinkle Pepper.” The poem advised to always sprinkle pepper in your hair. This was in case you were kidnapped. When the kidnappers would sniff you to see if you would make a good stew, the pepper would cause them to sneeze, thus letting go of you long enough so you should escape. I would often sprinkle pepper in my hair. At least until I wised up and realized that kidnappers were unlikely to make a stew of me. Probably. Maybe. I hope.

So, I don’t sprinkle pepper in my hair these days. However, I strive to always stock champagne. Or Prosecco. Or sparkling wine in the very least. A while back, I read an article, suggesting one always have champagne in their refrigerator. That way, you are ready for a celebration. Always. Another suggestion I read was to make getting ready an event in and of itself. Have a glass of champagne, play some fab tunes, and be fabulous from the shower to dashing out the door*. Always having champagne makes this glam get ready session so much easier! This can be applied to so many things! Think about it, a flute of bubbly automatically makes whatever you’re doing super glam. Watching TV. Doing the dishes. Reading a blog. Put on a caftan and turban, and it gets about as fab-u-lous as possible.

I don’t know about you, but having just full bottles of champagne seems like a lot of pressure. I open it, and hearing those little bubbles bobbing and popping sounds an awful lot like a clock ticking. I know it’s only a matter of time before those bubbles slow and the flavor changes and it becomes a bottle of sadness. I can’t have that on my conscience. The next thing you know I’m cracking a second bottle because after consuming the entirety of the first, it seems like a most excellent idea. If I’m alone, that sounds too much like a recipe for joining a self-help group.

Enter the champagne split! A perfect single serving of bubbly! Put it in a flute, mix it with OJ at brunch, the possibilities are endless! I don’t hear any ticking clocks, I have the right amount for maximum fabulousity and minimum tragedy, it’s a win-win. I’ve found that splits are not always easy to find at your local Liquor Mart** Especially not drinkable splits. For my money, I like Sofia Coppola. Some of the most stunning packaging on shelves anywhere, convenient yet attractive cans, and included matching straws. Perfect for consumption right out of the package, while maintaining elegance or perfectly pour-able into your favorite fine crystal.

yeah, that's my fridge.

yeah, that’s my fridge.

So, go on out and stock your fridge! Be prepared to be fabulous at a moment’s notice. Propose a toast!

*Of course, this isn’t so much for getting ready for your 9-5 as it is for a party or night of dancing.
**While the actual name of an actual local liquor store, this applies to many local liquor shoppes.

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