Monday, January 22, 2018 23:47

proper introduction

So, a while back I adopted the most adorable hairless rat in the world. I’d wanted one for a long time, and when this little lady showed up at the Humane Society, I knew it was meant to be. I’d been meaning to do a proper introduction, and I even took a video! However, it took a bit to get the video onto my computer, then it took more than a bit to get it edited. However, I did all that! Finally! So, now I can properly introduce my little girl, Ms. Billy Corgan. She is amazing and hilarious and adorable and I love her almost as much as human Billy Corgan. When you watch her video, try to imagine the song “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” by The Smashing Pumpkins because that is her theme song. Unfortunately, I don’t have the rights to that little ditty and had to use what I could get for free from You Tube. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “proper introduction”

  1. Germanjen says:

    Ok, that is pretty darn adorable. What also amused me is the walk-in bathtub ad that appeared on the video!

  2. raven says:

    Haha! I’m sure they have some sort of algorithm that determines the ad, but that’s still pretty funny!

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