Monday, January 22, 2018 23:43

squirrely sunday: giraffe bathing

Oh, giraffes. The topic came up the other night, specifically lap giraffes. Does anyone else remember the ad campaign that involved lap giraffes for the person who has everything? There was even a web site for the breeder of said lap giraffes. While giraffes don’t seem to be a cuddly type of pet, I bet a teeny one would be very fun to play with in the yard or a park! I also think a lap giraffe would be amazing to play with squirrels! Can you imagine an adorable squirrel, chasing and playing tag with a tiny giraffe? Go ahead. Take a minute to picture that. Adorable, right?

Also adorable? A giraffe giving a little squirrel a bath. Which is real.

squirrel getting giraffe bath

Now you have something to think about, which will hopefully make you smile. Happy Sunday, friends! xoxox

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