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Whoa! So much going on this last week, and I didn’t even make my usual internet rounds!! G and I left the house three nights in a row to go out and about on the town, so my adventures in the real world cut into those in the virtual world. However, I still have links a plenty to distract you on a weary Monday. As I listen to the wind howl and hail tapping the windowsill, I hope the weather is cheerier wherever you are!!

Over at The Cut, check out a slide show highlighting collegiate style of years past. Highlighting the new book Seven Sisters Style, I found many of the looks to be classic enough to look at home on current college campuses. My personal favorite was from Smith in 1929!

I may have let it slip once or twice that I am obsessed with Tilda Swinton. Paper Mag takes a look at some of her most memorable moments. *swoon*

Game of Thrones fan? I thoroughly enjoyed this compilation at Buzzfeed, imagining how real life media would have reported recent events on the show. I think my favorite is the take on how the NY Post would have reported!! (Note: SPOILERS if you haven’t been watching the current season/haven’t read more than half of the third book.)

I love good design. I really love good design that solves a problem, such as keeping common items out of landfills. I was thrilled when I was introduced to Fireclay Tile via Apartment Therapy. Like the author of the article, I have been burned by Kickstarters in the past, but this project is fully kicking butt and gives me some hope. These tiles are so gorgeous, I almost wish I had a reason to tile something!

I’ve worked many years in retail. It has long frustrated me that the louder the customer, the more they seem to get. My motto whenever I’ve been a manager is the nicer the person, the more I’m willing to work with them. They demand things from the start, I give nothing. Also, I support the coworker. There is nothing more frustrating as a lower-level employee, than following policy, then having a manager turn around and not offer their support, and give in to demands! So, I was pretty thrilled by this article on Huffington Post that points out that “the customer is always right” is not the best method.

Even ten years after the finale, my love of Friends still holds strong. I sure wouldn’t turn down a reunion special, such as the one announced as an April Fool’s joke. However, I appreciate the creators for holding strong, and being confident in the finale. I enjoyed the interview they did with Entertainment Weekly, and found that their statements articulated everything I found problematic with the How I Met Your Mother finale.

I was a little skeptical of the headline of this article from Salon about gender issues and McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. However, I’m glad I gave it a chance. Gender identity is so complicated as it is, we don’t need a corporation telling children what is acceptable for them to want and enjoy. Particularly for children who are already struggling with being something other than the body they were born in. Also, since I know more boys than girls who are fans of My Little Pony, they clearly can’t assume to know what a child is going to want to play with.

Growing up in its suburbs and having a mother who grew up within its limits, I am fascinated by the journey of Detroit. I am fascinated by the Detroit Urban Index site which provides an interactive slideshow of Detroit then and now. It is well designed, and the overlay of photographs is phenomenal. I still hold out hope that the old glory can return, though I know there is still a long road ahead. The slideshow on the unrest in the city illustrates what I am saying when I try to describe the impact on the city of the riots in the late ’60s.

Finally, thanks to a hometown news site, I was led to the genius that is Jimmy Fallon’s team carefully editing footage of Brian Williams. This time, Brian Williams is performing the rap classic “Gin and Juice.” I could watch Mr. Williams all day anyway, but watching him “rap” is especially amazing!

So, go forth and conquer Monday!

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