Monday, January 22, 2018 23:53

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I missed last week due to spending hours in urgent care after slipping and falling on some ice and hurting my wrist/hand. I’m still wearing a brace, but I’ve figured out a bit better how to get around typing, so on to the linkage!

Funnily enough, I read this piece before injuring myself. Now, that I haven’t been able to really use my thumb for a week, I appreciate it all the more. I also realize that in my case, it is only a temporary annoyance.

As a creative, this piece on saying “no!” really spoke to me. Actors, artists, designers, all are often expected to provide work for nothing, or next to it. We are expected to supply whichever skill it is we have honed, and for many creative types who have honed many skills are easily roped into providing more than one service because they’ve already been roped in for one. I’ve mastered saying no, but I know a lot of artists and actors who haven’t. Until we all stand up for ourselves, the cycle will continue.

Lighting for photography/film is a skill set I have not mastered. This video illustrates the power of lighting, and is downright hypnotic.

My inner design nerd found this breakdown of chain restaurant menus fascinating. I will be studying those menus even more, now. Also, IHOP and Applebee’s are sister restaurants. Who knew???

My merchandising nerd devoured this piece on UK thrift stores.

Alexis Carrington will eternally be a style icon. Fortunately, someone culled her style tips into a handy list.

The seldom photographed Tom Mison ventured out for Paley Fest. Lucky for us, there is much photographic evidence. *swoon*

I kind of want to visit this abandoned theater in the Sinai desert. It’s not so old, but it’s still pretty amazing.

Looking for an article to get lost in? The AV Club compiled a list of mysterious disappearances from Wiki. (See what I did there?)

Just in case you thought peeing in the pool was no big deal, here’s scientific proof that it kind of is a big deal.

A little something for my literary pals, see into which Hogwarts house your favorite literary legends would be sorted.

Finally, to help you get through the week on a positive note, here is Skeletor to provide you with some daily self-affirmations.

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