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April 28th, 2014

Whoa! So much going on this last week, and I didn’t even make my usual internet rounds!! G and I left the house three nights in a row to go out and about on the town, so my adventures in the real world cut into those in the virtual world. However, I still have links a plenty to distract you on a weary Monday. As I listen to the wind howl and hail tapping the windowsill, I hope the weather is cheerier wherever you are!!

Over at The Cut, check out a slide show highlighting collegiate style of years past. Highlighting the new book Seven Sisters Style, I found many of the looks to be classic enough to look at home on current college campuses. My personal favorite was from Smith in 1929!

I may have let it slip once or twice that I am obsessed with Tilda Swinton. Paper Mag takes a look at some of her most memorable moments. *swoon*

Game of Thrones fan? I thoroughly enjoyed this compilation at Buzzfeed, imagining how real life media would have reported recent events on the show. I think my favorite is the take on how the NY Post would have reported!! (Note: SPOILERS if you haven’t been watching the current season/haven’t read more than half of the third book.)

I love good design. I really love good design that solves a problem, such as keeping common items out of landfills. I was thrilled when I was introduced to Fireclay Tile via Apartment Therapy. Like the author of the article, I have been burned by Kickstarters in the past, but this project is fully kicking butt and gives me some hope. These tiles are so gorgeous, I almost wish I had a reason to tile something!

I’ve worked many years in retail. It has long frustrated me that the louder the customer, the more they seem to get. My motto whenever I’ve been a manager is the nicer the person, the more I’m willing to work with them. They demand things from the start, I give nothing. Also, I support the coworker. There is nothing more frustrating as a lower-level employee, than following policy, then having a manager turn around and not offer their support, and give in to demands! So, I was pretty thrilled by this article on Huffington Post that points out that “the customer is always right” is not the best method.

Even ten years after the finale, my love of Friends still holds strong. I sure wouldn’t turn down a reunion special, such as the one announced as an April Fool’s joke. However, I appreciate the creators for holding strong, and being confident in the finale. I enjoyed the interview they did with Entertainment Weekly, and found that their statements articulated everything I found problematic with the How I Met Your Mother finale.

I was a little skeptical of the headline of this article from Salon about gender issues and McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. However, I’m glad I gave it a chance. Gender identity is so complicated as it is, we don’t need a corporation telling children what is acceptable for them to want and enjoy. Particularly for children who are already struggling with being something other than the body they were born in. Also, since I know more boys than girls who are fans of My Little Pony, they clearly can’t assume to know what a child is going to want to play with.

Growing up in its suburbs and having a mother who grew up within its limits, I am fascinated by the journey of Detroit. I am fascinated by the Detroit Urban Index site which provides an interactive slideshow of Detroit then and now. It is well designed, and the overlay of photographs is phenomenal. I still hold out hope that the old glory can return, though I know there is still a long road ahead. The slideshow on the unrest in the city illustrates what I am saying when I try to describe the impact on the city of the riots in the late ’60s.

Finally, thanks to a hometown news site, I was led to the genius that is Jimmy Fallon’s team carefully editing footage of Brian Williams. This time, Brian Williams is performing the rap classic “Gin and Juice.” I could watch Mr. Williams all day anyway, but watching him “rap” is especially amazing!

So, go forth and conquer Monday!

squirrely sunday: bein’ healthy

April 27th, 2014

I generally try to live a healthy lifestyle. Mainly by making good food choices and being active. I don’t always achieve 100%, but I shoot to make more good choices than bad choices.

This guy is a pretty good reminder to read those labels and stay healthy. Especially with the weather slowly making a turn for me to pull out a more revealing wardrobe!!

nutritional squirrel

Happy Sunday, friends!!!


April 21st, 2014

So, a wee adorable kitteh has been unexpectedly taking up much of our time. He’s awesome and sweet and totally cuts into my time for finding sweet things on the internets! But, I still found some super rad things to share! Just the thing to get you through a post-holiday Monday!

I think just about everyone, at one time or another, has wondered if their favorite television characters could really afford their digs. Friends was one of the first I remember everyone really questioning the income to rent probability at play. Over at Fast Company, check out a great graphic breakdown of your favorite shows, including Friends.

Another great find at Fast Company, a former Googler created a revolutionary way to buy bras! She is also working to create more affordable options, particularly for those with hard-to-find sizes or who aren’t quite an existing size. I’ve seen some sketchy ideas getting a lot of publicity lately, but this one is genuinely genius! I can’t wait for the android version to be developed.

Something I think many readers would like to see, Elle shares the newest round of ads for David Bekham’s collaboration with H&M. Nothing innapropriate there, but you may get a little hot and bothered, FWIW.

A beautiful statue of my beloved Edgar Allen Poe will be unveiled in Boston later this year. I think I see a vacation to the East Coast in my future!!

A new full body dryer seeks to do away with towels forever. I am in favor of less laundry. However, I can’t help but think that this will just be covering us with hot germs instead.

Finally, head over to Buzzfeed for something that can only be described as the most delightful combination of unicorns and rainbows and magic and glitter. Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart play the Newlywed Game, and it’s wonderful!!

I hope that helps cheer you up on this Monday! Have a lovely week, friends! xoxox

squirrely sunday: pet edition!

April 20th, 2014

Sorry! Nary a squirrel today! Since it’s Easter, I got the idea to put ears on the critters. Not having cat or rodent sized bunny ears, I set out to make them. I pulled some felt out of the old fabric stash, some wire out of the jewelry stash, and sat with scissors, needle, and thread to put them together. I don’t own hot glue, because I feel like it’s such a temporary solution. I cringe when DIY shows pull out a hot glue gun for a project! However, this would have been an ideal project for that. Oh well, needle and thread to the rescue! I attached a wee snap clip to the underside of the ears to attach them to the cats. For the rodents, I made ears from a cardboard TP tube. I made a paste of sugar, flour, and water to attach those. I figured that way, if the girls got ahold of the ears, it would be okay.

First, were the kitties. They were surprisingly cooperative! Then the rodents. They were surprisingly un-cooperative! I had visions of quickly sticking the bunny ears between their ears and snapping away. Alas,the ladies were not to be fooled. Even trying to give them treats only caused them to be even more crafty in getting away from the ears! Boo.

Here are the highlights!

McGinty bunny!
Alonzo Bunny!                                                    Lucibunny!Imagine Billy is a bunny!

See the full set here!

squirrely sunday: extreme close up!

April 13th, 2014

Recently, I mentioned my first experience with “city squirrels.” Squirrels that are so used to people, and getting food from people, that they have no cowardice. They will get right up in your grill, or let you right up in theirs.

So, I was delighted to see this photograph, taken by my friend Travis Richey aka Inspector Spacetime. He pointed out, “You know how close you have to get to take a photo with an iphone? This was like 6 inches away!!”

squirrel close up

So, it seems that East coast, West coast, or no coast…city squirrels are quite the same. They’re lucky they’re cute, that’s for sure!

Special thanks to Travis, for letting me share!

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!!

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April 7th, 2014

Man, I am ready to start a new week! Surely, this one must be better than the last. If it’s not, then at least there are distractions to help get me through, right?

I found some goodies to help get you through Monday. They run the gamut, but surely will keep you going as you recover from the weekend.

I can totally relate to this piece from A Beautiful Mess. My hubs and I just seem to have differing schedules, and I occasionally have to go out of town for work and leave him home. She gives a lot of good advice for how to get through lonely days.

If I had a nickel for every time someone complained about a film trailer, I could quit my day job. Often trailers contain elements that don’t make it into the film, make it look like a totally different film, or give away spoilers. That’s because trailers are in the hands of an agency that gets some raw footage and a brief synopsis, then puts something together they think will appeal to the target demographic. This article gives even more insight into film trailers, from where they began to how they wound up like they are.

As a childfree lady with some ink, this list of reasons why tattoos are bad and having babies totally makes sense made me laugh and laugh. (If you have children and not tattoos, both or neither, it will probably make you laugh, too.)

It’s probably not a secret that I think H&M’s home line is lovely. This sneak peak into the home of the head of H&M home was delightful! It’s nice to see the balance of high and low end pieces, and elegance with a wink.

Navigating everyday life can be hard as it is. Add in the stress of whether to tip someone, and how much can make life even more difficult. Restaurants are usually pretty straightforward, but this piece gives lots of insight into everyone else. Except tour guides. Despite what the little cartoon says, just offer to tip the tour guide. They deal with a lot, and work their asses off to provide you with a good time. I can’t think of a time when I offered a tip that was turned down.

Finally, here’s a clip of a server I would tip the hell out of! Before he was Don Draper, Jon Hamm was on a dating show hosted by Mark Walberg. Not that Mark Wahlberg, Mark Walberg. Even with his floppy ’90s hair, he was still pretty good looking. I wonder if the lady is kicking herself now?

squirrely sunday: giraffe bathing

April 6th, 2014

Oh, giraffes. The topic came up the other night, specifically lap giraffes. Does anyone else remember the ad campaign that involved lap giraffes for the person who has everything? There was even a web site for the breeder of said lap giraffes. While giraffes don’t seem to be a cuddly type of pet, I bet a teeny one would be very fun to play with in the yard or a park! I also think a lap giraffe would be amazing to play with squirrels! Can you imagine an adorable squirrel, chasing and playing tag with a tiny giraffe? Go ahead. Take a minute to picture that. Adorable, right?

Also adorable? A giraffe giving a little squirrel a bath. Which is real.

squirrel getting giraffe bath

Now you have something to think about, which will hopefully make you smile. Happy Sunday, friends! xoxox

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March 31st, 2014

I missed last week due to spending hours in urgent care after slipping and falling on some ice and hurting my wrist/hand. I’m still wearing a brace, but I’ve figured out a bit better how to get around typing, so on to the linkage!

Funnily enough, I read this piece before injuring myself. Now, that I haven’t been able to really use my thumb for a week, I appreciate it all the more. I also realize that in my case, it is only a temporary annoyance.

As a creative, this piece on saying “no!” really spoke to me. Actors, artists, designers, all are often expected to provide work for nothing, or next to it. We are expected to supply whichever skill it is we have honed, and for many creative types who have honed many skills are easily roped into providing more than one service because they’ve already been roped in for one. I’ve mastered saying no, but I know a lot of artists and actors who haven’t. Until we all stand up for ourselves, the cycle will continue.

Lighting for photography/film is a skill set I have not mastered. This video illustrates the power of lighting, and is downright hypnotic.

My inner design nerd found this breakdown of chain restaurant menus fascinating. I will be studying those menus even more, now. Also, IHOP and Applebee’s are sister restaurants. Who knew???

My merchandising nerd devoured this piece on UK thrift stores.

Alexis Carrington will eternally be a style icon. Fortunately, someone culled her style tips into a handy list.

The seldom photographed Tom Mison ventured out for Paley Fest. Lucky for us, there is much photographic evidence. *swoon*

I kind of want to visit this abandoned theater in the Sinai desert. It’s not so old, but it’s still pretty amazing.

Looking for an article to get lost in? The AV Club compiled a list of mysterious disappearances from Wiki. (See what I did there?)

Just in case you thought peeing in the pool was no big deal, here’s scientific proof that it kind of is a big deal.

A little something for my literary pals, see into which Hogwarts house your favorite literary legends would be sorted.

Finally, to help you get through the week on a positive note, here is Skeletor to provide you with some daily self-affirmations.

squirrely sunday: happy birthday!

March 30th, 2014

Today is a pretty special day around here! It’s the hubs birthday, thus commencing his birthday week!! We celebrated with friends last night, and today we began using all the birthday freebies coming his way. I figured I should find an appropriately festive squirrel to help celebrate. I found this beautiful creature via Etsy. Now, I kind of want all her things. This guy is pretty perfect for today, though. His festive party hat and squirrely martini sum up our festive mood.

Click the picture to visit this lovely shop!

Click the picture to visit this lovely shop!

So, raise a glass to the hubs, and any other birthday pals you have around. Have a lovely week, friends!!

squirrely sunday: pigeon squirrel

March 23rd, 2014

The first time I was in a truly big city was probably when I was in Philadelphia. I grew up in a small town outside of Detroit, where I was surrounded by crops and farms. I’d been to Detroit many times. However, by the time I came around, Detroit was on a decline and not really the same as other big cities. I’d also visited Minneapolis and Saint Paul, but they weren’t the same, either. They are certainly closer now, and when I visited as a kid they were pretty awe-striking compared to anyplace I had been. Yeah, that’s what it takes to strike awe when you grew up among cows and corn.

I dreamed of big cities, though. I wanted to visit them and live in them. Especially New York and London. So, my senior year of high school, when I had the chance to go on a trip to the East coast and visit one of my dream cities I was elated! Yes, I was traveling by motorcoach with a bunch of classmates that I rarely spoke to, but it was totally worth it. Our first stop was Pennsylvania, where we would visit all the historic sites in Philly. Yes, the sites were cool. I was in the presence of the Liberty Bell, and stood where our forefathers wrote some very important documents. But, what amazed me the most was seeing a gaggle of school children in uniforms feeding squirrels. I don’t mean they scattered some bread crumbs and the squirrels cautiously took them. I mean the squirrels came right up and ate out of their hands. This was incredible. In the sticks you don’t see squirrels so often. When you do, they stay away from humans. So, I thought it amazing that these squirrels were so trusting. It was surely an anomaly, the likes of which I would never see again!

Silly country girl. I learned that city squirrels are a different beast than country squirrels. Especially in very populous cities and college campuses. Lots of people, they learn, means lots of food. They are not shy about taking it, either. City squirrels say eff it to acorns and nuts, and go for sandwiches and pizza. They’ll take chips right out of the bag you are holding, and I don’t mean when you are holding it out to them. I mean, you’re walking along eating your Ruffles, and BAM! Squirrel comes in like a ninja and helps him or herself.

So, when I came across this photo of a squirrel hanging out with some pigeons in the square, it made me think of that silly girl in Philadelphia, awed by the friendly squirrels.

pigeon squirrel

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!