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linked: dealbreaker!

Happy Monday! I don’t know how I racked up so many links for today! I even had some that I wound up setting aside for later, so you wouldn’t go into overload. Plus, it was taking me long enough to put this together, so I figured I should just get this out there, so you have something to finish off your Monday with!! Hope you have a great week, friends! xoxox

So, I read this Onion AV Club article, and it reminded me of the bit on 30 Rock, where Liz had a talk show based on her “Dealbreaker!” catch phrase. While I don’t know that I have any cultural dealbreakers for friends, there are definitely some that if my spouse were into, he wouldn’t be my spouse. Do you have any pop culture dealbreakers?

Having just spent some time at Walt Disney World, and planning some Disneyland time later this year, the original proposal documents for Disneyland were especially fascinating! I’m really hoping that somehow the originals wind up in the hands of Disney so they can be properly shared with the world.

I maybe have an above average obsession with macabre history. The hairpin is helping satiate that obsession with their new series on female killers. The first installment goes way back, with the first known female serial killer!

Plagued by a haunting? Here’s a guide to the ghost zodiac, which might provide some insight to why things go bump in the night.

As a performer and artist, I often wrestle with the problem of wanting to pursue my dreams as careers, but they are dreams that people don’t want to compensate for as careers. Most folks assume that if someone has any level of celebrity, they must be loaded. By any level of celebrity, I mean anything from actors who have a pilot that got picked up for a few episodes to a professional sports team’s cheerleaders. I think this piece on being seen is a great breakdown of why settling for minimum compensation isn’t always wise.

Even before we downsized by about 300 or so square feet, I was trying to lighten our load of belongings. I still seek to pare down, and while I’m not at a truly minimalist mindset, I find there is plenty to learn from minimalists. This list of highlights is an excellent guide.

Speaking of paring down, have you ever wondered why you just haven’t been able to find the perfect pair of boots? Or just the right blazer that you’ve pictured in your mind’s eye? It could be your closet clutter blocking your fashion chakras.

One of my fashion quests is to find a bike helmet that will protect my noggin while still rockin’ some serious style. These helmets styled to look like hats might fill the bill.

Having a mastectomy is a pretty complicated situation. One is already going through a lot with cancer or risk of cancer, and a woman’s breasts are often closely tied to one’s sense of femininity and sexuality. Some Finnish designers looked to create swimwear for women who have had mastectomies. The results are stunning! (I wouldn’t call them NSFW, but I can see how some workplaces might raise eyebrows.)

As the mercury rises, tips for getting your body ready for summer populate magazine covers and e-mail newsletters. I think these tips for getting yourself caftan-ready are the only tips you’ll need.

Bodies come in all types, and some of them even have ribs. Many are seeing LaPerla removing mannequins that have ribs as a victory, but as someone whose ribs show no matter how much weight I’ve gained I think the mannequins should stay. Bodies are all different, why is it okay to shame some of them?

I’ve been waiting for these two crazy kids to make a go of it for about 20 years! I’m crossing my fingers it works out for them!

While we’re thinking of 20 years ago, I had fun looking through this collection of people magazine covers from the ’90s. I owned several of them, and it was a fun walk down memory lane.

Looking for a little inspiration for a decorating project or art piece? This site offers a color palette-a-day!

I’m guessing you’ve seen one or more of those maps highlighting what your state might be known for. I was quite delighted by this map highlighting the deep, dark secrets of each state.

Finally, last week saw the mid-season finale of Mad Men. I thought it was lovely, and can only hope the final finale is half as delightful. This interview with Robert Morse was just as lovely as the finale, though if you aren’t caught up, there be spoilers in that link!!

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  1. Bike Pretty says:

    That fashion-chakra outfit is speaking to me! Six months ago, I moved into a smaller place and I’ve been trying to reduce my closet. But I’ve been holding on to so many “just in case” pieces that I never wear. That link was a great reminder that I need to let go and open up the space for something better.

    And thanks for linking to my helmet post. They really are the best helmet-hats I’ve ever seen.


    • raven says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you found something useful. I hope that letting go of some so-so things will help you find some amazing things.

      I’m so glad I discovered your post with those helmets. They look pretty great…the hard part is figuring out which hat to start with.


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