Saturday, December 16, 2017 08:55


So, a wee adorable kitteh has been unexpectedly taking up much of our time. He’s awesome and sweet and totally cuts into my time for finding sweet things on the internets! But, I still found some super rad things to share! Just the thing to get you through a post-holiday Monday!

I think just about everyone, at one time or another, has wondered if their favorite television characters could really afford their digs. Friends was one of the first I remember everyone really questioning the income to rent probability at play. Over at Fast Company, check out a great graphic breakdown of your favorite shows, including Friends.

Another great find at Fast Company, a former Googler created a revolutionary way to buy bras! She is also working to create more affordable options, particularly for those with hard-to-find sizes or who aren’t quite an existing size. I’ve seen some sketchy ideas getting a lot of publicity lately, but this one is genuinely genius! I can’t wait for the android version to be developed.

Something I think many readers would like to see, Elle shares the newest round of ads for David Bekham’s collaboration with H&M. Nothing innapropriate there, but you may get a little hot and bothered, FWIW.

A beautiful statue of my beloved Edgar Allen Poe will be unveiled in Boston later this year. I think I see a vacation to the East Coast in my future!!

A new full body dryer seeks to do away with towels forever. I am in favor of less laundry. However, I can’t help but think that this will just be covering us with hot germs instead.

Finally, head over to Buzzfeed for something that can only be described as the most delightful combination of unicorns and rainbows and magic and glitter. Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart play the Newlywed Game, and it’s wonderful!!

I hope that helps cheer you up on this Monday! Have a lovely week, friends! xoxox

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