Monday, January 22, 2018 23:50

squirrely sunday: pet edition!

Sorry! Nary a squirrel today! Since it’s Easter, I got the idea to put ears on the critters. Not having cat or rodent sized bunny ears, I set out to make them. I pulled some felt out of the old fabric stash, some wire out of the jewelry stash, and sat with scissors, needle, and thread to put them together. I don’t own hot glue, because I feel like it’s such a temporary solution. I cringe when DIY shows pull out a hot glue gun for a project! However, this would have been an ideal project for that. Oh well, needle and thread to the rescue! I attached a wee snap clip to the underside of the ears to attach them to the cats. For the rodents, I made ears from a cardboard TP tube. I made a paste of sugar, flour, and water to attach those. I figured that way, if the girls got ahold of the ears, it would be okay.

First, were the kitties. They were surprisingly cooperative! Then the rodents. They were surprisingly un-cooperative! I had visions of quickly sticking the bunny ears between their ears and snapping away. Alas,the ladies were not to be fooled. Even trying to give them treats only caused them to be even more crafty in getting away from the ears! Boo.

Here are the highlights!

McGinty bunny!
Alonzo Bunny!                                                    Lucibunny!Imagine Billy is a bunny!

See the full set here!

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