Monday, January 22, 2018 23:52

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Man, I am ready to start a new week! Surely, this one must be better than the last. If it’s not, then at least there are distractions to help get me through, right?

I found some goodies to help get you through Monday. They run the gamut, but surely will keep you going as you recover from the weekend.

I can totally relate to this piece from A Beautiful Mess. My hubs and I just seem to have differing schedules, and I occasionally have to go out of town for work and leave him home. She gives a lot of good advice for how to get through lonely days.

If I had a nickel for every time someone complained about a film trailer, I could quit my day job. Often trailers contain elements that don’t make it into the film, make it look like a totally different film, or give away spoilers. That’s because trailers are in the hands of an agency that gets some raw footage and a brief synopsis, then puts something together they think will appeal to the target demographic. This article gives even more insight into film trailers, from where they began to how they wound up like they are.

As a childfree lady with some ink, this list of reasons why tattoos are bad and having babies totally makes sense made me laugh and laugh. (If you have children and not tattoos, both or neither, it will probably make you laugh, too.)

It’s probably not a secret that I think H&M’s home line is lovely. This sneak peak into the home of the head of H&M home was delightful! It’s nice to see the balance of high and low end pieces, and elegance with a wink.

Navigating everyday life can be hard as it is. Add in the stress of whether to tip someone, and how much can make life even more difficult. Restaurants are usually pretty straightforward, but this piece gives lots of insight into everyone else. Except tour guides. Despite what the little cartoon says, just offer to tip the tour guide. They deal with a lot, and work their asses off to provide you with a good time. I can’t think of a time when I offered a tip that was turned down.

Finally, here’s a clip of a server I would tip the hell out of! Before he was Don Draper, Jon Hamm was on a dating show hosted by Mark Walberg. Not that Mark Wahlberg, Mark Walberg. Even with his floppy ’90s hair, he was still pretty good looking. I wonder if the lady is kicking herself now?

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