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squirrely sunday: pigeon squirrel

The first time I was in a truly big city was probably when I was in Philadelphia. I grew up in a small town outside of Detroit, where I was surrounded by crops and farms. I’d been to Detroit many times. However, by the time I came around, Detroit was on a decline and not really the same as other big cities. I’d also visited Minneapolis and Saint Paul, but they weren’t the same, either. They are certainly closer now, and when I visited as a kid they were pretty awe-striking compared to anyplace I had been. Yeah, that’s what it takes to strike awe when you grew up among cows and corn.

I dreamed of big cities, though. I wanted to visit them and live in them. Especially New York and London. So, my senior year of high school, when I had the chance to go on a trip to the East coast and visit one of my dream cities I was elated! Yes, I was traveling by motorcoach with a bunch of classmates that I rarely spoke to, but it was totally worth it. Our first stop was Pennsylvania, where we would visit all the historic sites in Philly. Yes, the sites were cool. I was in the presence of the Liberty Bell, and stood where our forefathers wrote some very important documents. But, what amazed me the most was seeing a gaggle of school children in uniforms feeding squirrels. I don’t mean they scattered some bread crumbs and the squirrels cautiously took them. I mean the squirrels came right up and ate out of their hands. This was incredible. In the sticks you don’t see squirrels so often. When you do, they stay away from humans. So, I thought it amazing that these squirrels were so trusting. It was surely an anomaly, the likes of which I would never see again!

Silly country girl. I learned that city squirrels are a different beast than country squirrels. Especially in very populous cities and college campuses. Lots of people, they learn, means lots of food. They are not shy about taking it, either. City squirrels say eff it to acorns and nuts, and go for sandwiches and pizza. They’ll take chips right out of the bag you are holding, and I don’t mean when you are holding it out to them. I mean, you’re walking along eating your Ruffles, and BAM! Squirrel comes in like a ninja and helps him or herself.

So, when I came across this photo of a squirrel hanging out with some pigeons in the square, it made me think of that silly girl in Philadelphia, awed by the friendly squirrels.

pigeon squirrel

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!

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