Saturday, December 16, 2017 08:55

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It’s Monday! How does it always show up so quickly? *sigh* At least there are distractions aplenty out there! (Of course, maybe your distraction is playing hooky and drinking green beer today. If that’s the case, these should get you through Tuesday’s hangover.)

Bored Panda shared a list of obsolete professions. There were a couple that I didn’t realize were ever professions! I think maybe a human alarm clock is just what I need. This also go me thinking about new professions that have come about due to technology, and if the new ones evenly cancel out the old, or if one is edging out the other, thus skewing unemployment figures. Just wondering.

Ever wonder why only a small fraction of the pages and people you “like” on Facebook show up in your feed? Someone cracked the algorithm! Since I’m not a mathy-statisticy kind of person, I admit some of the specifics made me zone out a bit, but the data is a little mind blowing, especially if you’re trying to reach an audience with your page. (*cough*golikemypage*cough*)

I admit, I haven’t been sucked in to the Scandal hoopla. However, President Fitzgerald Grant does a crossword over on The Toast, is still hilarious.

This one is totally cray-cray. A woman is unwittingly a part of a search party. For herself.

On MonkeySee over at NPR, there is a list of 20 very silly inventions pitched on Shark Tank. Some of them are so bad, they come back to amazing!

Finally, if you really want to burn through your Monday (and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, the rest of March…) you need to try 2048. You can thank me or curse me later.

Until next time, Happy Monday, friends! xoxo

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