Saturday, December 16, 2017 08:56

linked: the morning after

Whew, mama’s pooped. We finished the Oscar best picture marathon on Saturday, and attended an Oscar party last night. I champagned it up and had a fun time, but whoa did my alarm go off too early this morning! I’ve still managed to pool some of my favorite finds around the interwebs for you!

It’s not a secret that I find Scientology a questionable organization at best. Leah Rimini leaving the church and her revelations this last year were startling. This article on Buzzfeed (not the quiz and list part) adds further enlightenment to her journey, and further cements my feelings about Scientology.

This piece on the restoration of a historic costume once worn by Ellen Tracy hit pretty much every nerdy love of mine. History, costuming, restoration. The details of the process, and the final outcome are incredible!

I often question some of the choices parents make in naming their offspring. Blair at STFU Parents has much to say on the topic, complete with some, um, interesting examples shared on social media.

Things fitting perfectly into other things does live up to its promise of satisfying your over-developed sense of order. Though, I got a little icked out by some of the match ups. Like, the sugar cube in the wrench was really gross. So, I’m torn. What do you think?

Much like amusement park roller coasters, a haunted house in Canada snaps photos of its guests at the scariest spot. The photos are pretty amusing!

Happy Monday, friends!

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