Monday, January 22, 2018 23:51

why be a princess when i can be a queen?

The Queen of Procrastination, that is! I am pretty jam packed this week, and for everything I get done, I am putting off roughly 142 other things. Today for instance, I managed to make a couple of stops to pick some things up for a party I am throwing this weekend. I called my mother. I got home to very many other things I need to do. Little things like put the dishes away and take a couple of things down to our storage unit. Bigger things like laundry wrangling and cutting up/cleaning/baking/pureeing pumpkins to freeze for doing fancy things later. In between things like wrapping up stuff for the party on Saturday and making decorations. However, after running some errands, and a long day of work, I crash in front of the computer, get as many rat snuggles as Ms. Billy Corgan will allow, and distract myself with puzzle games and messaging and Person of Interest.

I realize that somewhere in there, I need to get my blog post up today so I don’t fall any more behind and have a chance to maybe catch up on those posts from when I had not internets or my narcolepsy took over. The problem? I don’t know what to write about! I don’t have a finished piece in the pipeline! I need to catch up so I can get ahead and post pieces that are fully formed and well edited. I’m not there yet, so I need inspiration! Stat! Where? Where can I find this inspiration? So, I had to spend more time on the internets. I hit the Googles and my bookmarks that I stash away for days like today. If I’m honest, I also did a few more rounds of puzzle games. Nothing.

More Googling. More Person of Interest. More puzzles. Here we are.

But, I found something! A meme with a Disney princess. That got me noodling, and the next thing I know, BAM! My idea. Just a little one, but enough to get me through.

It all boils down to a Disney princess. A very specific, much beloved, Disney Princess. Many years ago (like two-thirds of my life…I’ll let you sort out the math), Disney released a little animated feature The Little Mermaid. There were so many things to be excited about. For one, I loved the story. It was poignant, and powerful, and the thought of the mermaid lapping the shore as sea foam was a little eerie. Seeing a new version of it, told with all the power Disney could put behind it. Second, this princess would be a redhead. I know many reading this blog might speculate as to what my natural hair color is, since I have been all the natural shades and many that might be natural if I were a fairy or a sprite. Unless you’ve known me since I was a young married lady or longer, it’s a tough call. However, I am a ginger. I love being a redhead, but I also like to experiment and have fun, and it’s only hair. So, the wee me was very excited to see a princess that wasn’t the usual brunette or the ideal blonde. Pins and needles, my friends.

Then, the movie came out.

I saw it.

I. Was. Angry. Angry like only a redhead can be. I could let the fact that it was a musical slide, since cartoons are allowed to be a little less grounded in reality. Maybe a cheesy song would be allowed. However, Disney done crossed a line with Ariel. She is not supposed to get the prince. SHE IS SUPPOSED TO TURN INTO SEA FOAM!!!! It’s supposed to be a harsh life lesson. To this day, the very mention of Ariel makes me shake. A friend was Ariel for Halloween, and it took all of my restraint not to shout, “SEEEEEAAAAA FOOOOAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!” when she arrived at my costume party.

Seriously, I finally get a redheaded princess and she has to pretend she is something she isn’t just to land a man, and get rewarded for it. Get. Real. Sister.

So, now you know how I feel about The Little Mermaid as told by Disney.

…and scene.

2 Responses to “why be a princess when i can be a queen?”

  1. Bradley Slavik says:

    Magnificent post on “The Little Mermaid”. So few people have actually read the original fairy tales that we are a rare commodity. Those who can appreciate the original ending, and why it is better than Disney are practically extinct. Kudos.

    • raven says:

      Thanks! Some of the time, Disney is pretty accurate, or manages to cut things while keeping the majority of the story intact. It’s so frustrating that this was one of their biggest hits, and they got it so wrong! I’m glad someone else remembers the original. Thanks for stopping by and reading. xoxox

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