Monday, January 22, 2018 23:51

like father…

Most people who know me know that I rarely forgive, and I never forget. I don’t take kindly to being wronged, whether it be by a friend, a family member, a business, or an organization. If the offender atones appropriately, I might accept the apology. However, I will be on guard from then on out. I know that according to The Secret and Oprah and Dr. Phil I should forgive and move on and that’s the key to happiness or something. I’m just not wired that way. I could blame it on the fact that I’m a Scorpio. That might be partially right. I think more of it has to do with genetics.

Look at that handsome youngster!

Look at that handsome youngster!

Look at that handsome youngster...oh..wait.

Look at that handsome youngster…oh..wait.

Most people who know me also know that I’m just like my dad. I look just like him, I have the same temper, the same weird sense of humor, and the same ability to hold a grudge. When I lived at home, we would often butt heads. We are so much alike, that when an argument started, neither of us would back down. Now that I’ve moved away, we get along pretty well. Much less opportunity for our too alike personalities to come to a head.

My parents are about to remodel their kitchen. It’s been a long time coming, but the age of the kitchen has more or less forced the issue. There has been much discussion between my folks about what they want to do to the room. I’ve tried to weigh in with my professional interior design opinion, to some avail. My mom found a set up with many options she liked at a local cabinet shop. She asked my dad if he would go to look at the cabinets, and he refused. You might wonder why.

Well, the guy that owns the cabinet shop took over his father’s business. His father, too, was a cabinet maker. It seems that back in the day this guy’s father had an altercation with my father’s father (my grandfather). So, my family can never purchase cabinets from this guy’s family. Makes perfect sense, right? Well, my mother doesn’t seem to understand. Every time I talk to her she tells me how she wishes that my father would just go to the cabinet place. I explained to her that it’s essentially a feud. They can’t buy the cabinets there, I can’t buy cabinets there, if I were to have children, they couldn’t buy cabinets there. It’s a thing. She said she understood, but I think she’s gonna keep trying to get my dad to go to this cabinet place. If I know my father, and I’m pretty sure that I do, he is not gonna give in. She needs to pick some different cabinets.

So, when I mention that something or someone is on my blacklist, at least you know I come by it honestly.

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