Monday, January 22, 2018 23:54

linked: the truth is out there

Things have been full on cray-cray around here, so not so much surfing time. I did manage to find a few gems for you though!

First, a look at the style of The X-Files. I kind of forgot the unfortunate early years. Style-wise, that is.

Refinery 29 checked out NYC’s City Hall, and snapped a few couples getting married. I adore the variety of couples and style, and how happy they are!!

Here are some celebrity fun facts that just might blow your mind!

Finally, some tales that might restore your faith in humanity.

Have a lovely week, friends!


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  1. […] about Scully’s horrific suits. So I was delighted to see this story on X-Files style. (Via Narcoleptic Squirrel. Who followed me on Twitter this week and might have the best handle in […]

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