Monday, January 22, 2018 23:39

linked: liligers?

First, it’s time to get your cute on. These liligers were born recently in Russia! Yes, liligers! I’m sure you’ve heard of the liger, made when a male Lion mates with a Female Tiger (Which makes me wonder why we don’t hear very much about the other way around, when Tigons are made). Liligers are a Liger and a lion, hence the extra “li.” They are adorable, and I kind of want one. (Only kind of. I know they would grow up and tear apart my apartment and then I would be on the hook for a very expensive repair list.)

Strangely, I love baby animals, but baby humans? Not so much. So, we look at my nightmare scenario: not knowing I was pregnant until the baby came. AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGH!

Back to something amazing: this apartment. Outside of the bed, I think I could live there.

On a funny note, these images of famous statues dressed as hipsters is pretty entertaining.

Also entertaining, this tumblr in which things are written and drawn on scenes from Mad Men. In fact, it’s more entertaining and hilarious than I thought possible.

Finally, over at Jezebel, Lindy West tries celebrity liquor so you don’t have to. I admit, I am fond of Crystal Head vodka. Mostly because of the crystal head. I learned some things from this video, including that apparently coconut vodka can be made from fine grapes. What? My favorite part of the video is the tracking down of the liquor.

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