Monday, January 22, 2018 23:34

I’m a smart ass

Oy…what a week. My brain is still recovering from Tuesday. I attended my first precinct caucus with G. I thought I knew what to expect, but apparently not. The voting part was more primary than caucus, and I already knew who I was voting for, and was ready to talk people off the fence. I signed up to be a delegate, and voted on resolutions…which was the part that made my brain hurt. Lots to take in, process, decide. It felt really good though. It was good to see people getting involved, fighting for what they believed in…people of all ages. There were those who were young, like us, and those who were very old, people in between. People of different races, income levels, backgrounds…all coming together. Agreeing, disagreeing, agreeing to disagree.
It makes me wish that more people could understand how wonderful the process is…how everyone is capable of making change. It saddens me that so many simply follow what they are told, or not told as the case may be, or don’t do anything at all. We have so many opportunities, so many wonderful freedoms, yet so many ignore them, don’t even notice when they are swept under the rug. I am still processing all of this. Wishing that I would have done this sooner, grateful I didn’t wait any longer.
Whew, that was a lot of seriousness…on the lighter side, I am heading out of town tomorrow. Not anyplace exotic or sunny or warm. I will be spending two weeks with my family, back in ye olde hometown, visiting friends, helping out my parents (my Dad just had his hip replaced…ouch!), and standing up in a good friend’s wedding. I got a bra for the big event today. I had gotten one a few days ago, but it didn’t work, so I got another one. I thought that being a 34D was enough of a pain in the ass…but no, now that I’ve lost weight, I’m a 32D. Which means that if any store has that size, they get one, and once it’s gone, too bad. So, I got something that will work reasonably well, and resigned myself to ordering bras from the internet. It was entertaining listening to the bra clerks’ conversation, talking about the bars and clubs, then practicing dance moves on the tile floor. One girl attempts the Merengue…key word being attempts…and talks about how it was invented by the slaves of whatever country it was invented in because they could do it while chained together, then says, “isn’t that cute???” Heartwarming, really. I was thrilled to get my smart ass out of there.
Well, I need to finish packing. Usually I have lists that are sorted and prioritized for this sort of thing…this time, I am grabbing whatever I can get my hands on, and packing it…and praying it will work. My only real concern is getting the stuff washed that is dirty, and packing enough shoes. I am also very sleepy. My brain has been over worked this weekend. Sort of like when I don’t work out for years, then pop my Tae-bo tape in the VCR and wonder why it’s kicking my ass.
Democrats are sexy. Has anyone ever said, “Hey, nice elephant”?

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